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A Man in a Shawl - Oxford Yarn Store
1 a man in a shawl

Having completed knitting my latest shawl project during last night's Knit Club here at Oxford Yarn store a sensation of sorts was caused on the Parade as we undertook a photoshoot outside the store in the glorious evening sun.

The shawl is Adrift by Veera Valimaki featured in the current issue of Laine Magazine (Issue 5 - Summer 2018) and my version has been knitted in Manos del Uruguay Serena yarn (a blend of alpaca and cotton which is super light and super soft making it ideal for many shawl projects).

Here is Alison modelling the shawl hot off the needles:

The assembled drinkers at the pub opposite watched the scene as I took photographs of my newly finished project.  I wanted photos of me with the shawl so Alison took over photographer duties.  Shocked cries of "no!"  erupted as I donned the shawl - imagine a man in a shawl!  And knitting!  Too much for some it seems.  

I often knit on the train when travelling about, as I am sure many of you do too.  Mostly I am ignored as people get on with their own business, sometimes pleasant enquiries as to what I am knitting ensue, and once a ticking off for "not being manly". You can guess my response to that!

Fortunately I care little for the taboos of others and gleefully plough my own furrow in life, and here are my pictures delightedley modelling my own creation.  


To keep the theme going, here I am with my Exploration Station Shawl (pattern by Stephen West on Ravelry) knitted earlier this year in four glorious blue shades of Adriafil Sierra Andina yarn (100% baby alpaca).  No shawl is too fabulous!  

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for more lovely pictures (@oxfordyarnstore) and tag us in your project pictures using your stash bought from the store, we love to see them all. Tag @oxfordyarnstore and use #oxfordyarnstore.

Happy knitting, crocheting and sharing!


(Karen is away!)

2 shawls for summer

Shawls are ideal summer knitting projects, not too big, poratble and useful once finished, to keep off a late evening chill.  Here are some of our greatest shawl knits for your consideration.

The Henny shawl knitted using Rowan Cotton Cashemre for a light and luxurious finish.

The Sundowner Shawl crocheted in Isager Bomulin (cotton and linen) yarn.

Our most popular shawl (or is is a wrap?) project to date - the Tokyo shawl by Marianne Isager, seen here in several colourway options. The top and bottom picture colourways are available as a kit from Oxford Yarn Store.

The Summer Nights shawl, again by Marianne Isager. Available as a kit from Oxford Yarn Store.

Simple but very effective, the Camomille shawl by Marianne Isager. Available as a kit from Oxford Yarn Store.

This simple knit, the Meadowside Shawl by Brian Smith, has proven popular.  Knitted using alternating stipes of two different self striping sock yarns!

Another Marianne Isager classic - the Logstor shawl.  Available as a kit from Oxford Yarn Store.

From Kate Davies' Haps pattern book, knitted by Fiona using Isager Alpaca 2 yarns.